We want to explore community and our relationship to it,. says 6-12th Grade Academic Coordinator, Seth El-Jamal. .Our young people know what it.s like to live in a neighborhood that struggles. We want them to become agents of change, and we believe that learning about how a community works is one of the major foundational tools for this type of growth..

He continues, .We.ll build a scale model of what students think a community should look like. They will come up with what resources a city needs to run successfully, like businesses, residential, parks, power and schools. They.ll get to decide where they should be located in relation to each other, and we.ll task different groups to be responsible for building models of each of these resources..

Nearly all of the 6-8th grade Summer Study curriculum focuses on community. .Our weekly Bible study segment also supports the idea of community building by looking at Scriptures that reference .one another. in an effort to help students develop a sense of caring for group instead of focusing on themselves,. says Seth.

Seth says that their experience in the building project will provide the opportunity for directed discussions of what it means to create and take care of a healthy community. .We.ll talk about the symbiotic relationship between resources and residents.and what happens to communities if resources are not available or are hard to come by..

Students will also participate in active community service at Matthew Manor, a local, assisted-living residence for senior citizens. As in the past several years, students will visit residents and play board games for an hour and a half each week.