Antonio Daniels is a case manager and life coach at Breakthrough Urban Ministries. He came on staff just a year ago, but already Tony.s life has been changed in ways that he wasn.t counting on. In this season of reflection, he examines the gift of learning from Breakthrough.s guests, staff and supporters.

.In this past year, community has taking on a whole new meaning to me. God has shown me that we are all affected by the same problems. What breaks His heart has started to break mine in more ways than I ever thought it would,. says Tony. He goes on to explain, .When someone uses drugs, it affects everyone close to that person. When someone gets placed in housing, it encourages everyone connected to them. When a someone breaks a window in our building, it hinders the kind of programs we would like to have for the whole community. When we have devotions together, it builds our faith but also draws others in..

Tony says since coming to Breakthrough he has seen the Breakthrough Network Model in action and experienced its benefits. .We spend so much time trying to be independent, but we have a real need for connection and interdependence that is often overlooked,. he says.

In this past year, Tony has been deeply inspired by some of Breakthrough.s guests. seen men and women who took the time to look at their own worldview and work to match it up with a Kingdom perspective. I have been encouraged by guests who keep a positive attitude when they can.t find a job or employment, even after working hard and following all the guidelines set before them by Breakthrough and outside entities. I have been inspired by guests who have fought addiction and placed themselves in programs where they have personal breakthroughs. I have been challenged by former guests who see paying rent for a small, low-income apartment as a stepping stone towards better housing opportunities. I see what God does in the hearts of the people gotten to know at Breakthrough..

Tony adds, .Working at Breakthrough has shown me how God is actively working for our good, and it has encouraged me to be a part of something bigger than myself..