The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless reports that there are 21,000 homeless people in Chicago on any given night. The alarming number of people represented in this number are too often unseen and unheard. However, their plight is one that Breakthrough Urban Ministries has long taken notice of.

Breakthrough Urban Ministries offers a new model for the delivery of homeless services. The organization is intentional about treating every person in need of its services with dignity and respect. When guests arrive at Breakthrough, they receive much more than a bed to sleep in—they receive the tools necessary to achieve self-sufficiency.

Breakthrough operates two transitional housing shelters in East Garfield Park: the Breakthrough Ministry Center for men and the Breakthrough Joshua Center for women. Both facilities first aim to meet immediate needs of food and shelter by providing a clean and comfortable place to sleep and by serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. When guests arrive at Breakthrough, they receive a toiletry kit, a space to shower and are granted access to laundry facilities. Once the basic needs are addressed, guests are able to access a bevy of supportive services designed to help them along their path to self-reliance. Supportive services include on-site primary and mental health care, employment training and housing search assistance and placement.

Breakthrough’s Adult Services program is designed to empower homeless adults to overcome poverty and enjoy the liberty of self-sufficiency in an environment that restores dignity to people who have already had so much stripped away.

Employment Services

We are seeking to develop our community and know that successful businesses are an essential component to it’s transformation.

Breakthrough’s employment services meet business’ hiring needs with qualified dedicated and stable employees. We go to great lengths to identify, individuals within our community who are ready for employment yet lack the proper guidance, coaching or networks to become gainfully employed. We seek to connect them with quality opportunities, in order to increase the health and stability in our community.

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