What do we love about our community?

Neighbors regularly sit on each others’ porches providing friendship and comfort. In fact, many individuals often demonstrate love and concern for their neighbors. East Garfield Park is home to several positive role models, who, for years, have influenced the neighborhood and give sacrificially of their household income to meet the needs of extended family.

Many residents catch public transportation to their places of employment. They work hard, and many with families work multiple jobs to pay the bills and still try to find time to be at home with their children. We are in relationship with several young people who have hopes of attending college. How To Stop Caring What Other People Think

Turning potential into reality.

Despite the best intentions and big dreams of our friends and neighbors, there are significant negative influences to overcome. By building healthy relationship networks, growing the skills of the men, women and children, and promoting the transfer of wisdom to our younger generation, Breakthrough continues participation in the development of the God-given potential of the East Garfield Park community.

We are honored and blessed to live and work alongside the people of East Garfield Park. We invite you to get to know them and join us as partners in the process of learning together!